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Multiple Sample Stirrer

Multiple Sample Stirrer


The Multiple Sample Stirrer is designed primarily for use in routine soil analysis laboratories for the uniform mixing of soil samples with extracting solutions.


By use of a set of gears, each stirring rod turns at exactly the same rate as the others.  The stirring paddles keep the soil suspended in solution, thus assuring equal mixing of all types of samples regardless of their position in the tray or their texture.



The stirrer has three rows of eleven rods which stir 33 samples at a time.  Spacing within  the row is 2" on center and 2 ½" between rows.



Setting up:   Connect the spray hose to a water supply. Connect the drain.  Plug in the motor to (the transformer if no 110V present) the electrical outlet.  Place carry tray with bottle racks into the bottom of the stirrer well.  Lower the headboard.



Using:  Place carry tray with bottle racks containing samples into the stirrer well.  Carefully lower the headboard.  The timer is also the starter.  Set the timer for the desired number of stirring minutes.  It will automatically cut off when done.  After it is finished, raise the headboard.  Remove the carry tray.  Turn the timer on and while paddles are moving, wash all rods and paddles with the spray head.



The body, the headboard, and the gears are molded from a high abrasion-resistant, semi-rigid urethane.  The stirrer is powered by a 360 rpm, 110 volt, fan-cooled motor connect to a 0 to 30 minute timer.

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