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Dynacrush Soil Crusher 


    The soil crusher is designed to prepare dry soil samples or similar materials for analysis.  Soil aggregates are broken into small particles by means of stainless-steel flailers in a chamber.  The sample is held in the chamber by means of a pivoting plate until the soil is crushed.  The plate is then pivoted by means of a handle.  This step evacuates and cleans the chamber of all remaining material such as dust, rocks, and other debris.  All of the material falls onto the screen of the screening pan.  The sample is poured through the screening pan spout into a bag or box, and the debris is discarded.  The average total preparation time for a sample is about 5 seconds, even for hard clay samples.

    The entire body and internal pivot plate are molded of a high abrasion-resistant, semi-rigid urethane with minimal static cling.  The stainless-steel screen in the screening pan is 10 mesh or 2 mm holes.  The replaceable flailer assembly is made of stainless steel.  The arbor, which supports the flailer assembly, is attached to the motor with a flexible coupling and is supported front and back with neoprene-seal ball bearings which are bolted to the crusher body.  These bearings can be replaced very easily.  The Dynacrush flailers are powered by a 1/3 horsepower, 1725 RPM, TEFC motor, which can be operated on 115 or 230 volts 60 HZ.


    Shipping weight:  approximately 50 lbs.

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