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Bottle Rack Washer

Bottle Rack Washer

SKU: W-2

The bottle rack washer is designed specifically for washing the B-11, Beth-11, or EFR-11 bottle rack. It can be made to accommodate bottle racks up to 28 1/2 inches long for special orders

The basin of the bottle rack washer is made of urethane with a 1/2 by 3/4 rectangle overlap region to hold the washer in the counter-top cut-out hole. Inside are two PVC water lines with 11 outlets on each line spaced 2 inches on center. The water flow on each line is controlled by solenoid valves which are activated by pressing down on the switch for that line after the rack is placed over the risers and spray heads. The risers are 1/8th inch Stainless steel pipe and the spray nozzles are cone pattern PVC. One line is normally connected to the regular water supply for thorough pre washing of the bottles. The second line is connected to pressurized distilled or deionized water for the final rinse.

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